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Vital Information Regarding Reverse Osmosis

Comments Off on Vital Information Regarding Reverse Osmosis 08 February 2018

Originally, reverse osmosis water purifiers were made to filter sea salt from sea water. The reverse osmosis system then found applications in the printing Industry. On both it did a wonderful job. The filtration worked nicely and everyone was satisfied. It was not until they came to the drinking water part that they failed. The reasons that it failed to deliver in the drinking water industry are going to be outlined here. Although now being advertised as the latest technology, reverse osmosis water purifiers were developed over 50 years ago. In the 1970’s, they were introduced as a healthy way to treat the water in your home. In was at first very popular. Since then, its popularity has waned. Reverse osmosis water purifiers do their job too well at times. Some people use them because they have high mineral content, commonly called hard water. But, the reverse osmosis system removes all the minerals from our water. That’s a bit excessive, when a water softener or an ion exchange system could reduce hard minerals, without eliminating them all together.

Trace minerals are healthy and natural. There is no where on earth that de-mineralized water occurs naturally. Studies have shown that drinking it causes digestive problems and eventually results in mineral deficiencies. Then, there is the waste water problem. Four gallons are wasted for every one that is cleaned. That is one of the reasons it does not work in a home setting. So much water is wasted that the environmentalists should be against it. It also wastes time. It takes three to four hours to clean one gallon of water. When you need more than that, you just have to wait. There is nothing you can do to hurry the process.

The reverse osmosis water purifiers are not able to remove chemicals like pesticides, herbicides or chlorine. These are left in the so called “purified” water. A reverse osmosis system cannot handle anything less dense than water. So you have to accept the fact that chemicals will not be filtered.If you were to take distilled water, add some chemicals and pesticides and herbicides to it, then you would have something like what comes out of reverse osmosis water purifiers. Imagine that they would call that purified water. The reverse osmosis system is at odds with what we need for drinking.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers were not designed for home use and so can not do what we ask of them. That is what happens when you try to force a technology to do something that it was never meant to do in the first place. The reverse osmosis system is great, at least for what it was originally designed to do. We have seen the disadvantages of reverse osmosis water purifiers and they are many. You cannot blame the people who designed the technology. The reverse osmosis system does what it was designed to do. Instead, you have to fault the sales people and advertising agents who would say that the reverse osmosis system belongs in every home. Some people may need reverse osmosis water purifiers, but most of us do not.