Whole House Water Filtration Systems Can Protect Your Family

Comments Off on Whole House Water Filtration Systems Can Protect Your Family 08 October 2018

Whole house water filtration systems are necessary no matter how good you think your local water system is. Fact is, even in areas known for having clean H2O, there are still thousands of harmful toxins making their way into your body through the water you drink, cook and shower with.

Water is a fact of life. Proper hydration is the key to keeping our bodies working and looking as healthy as possible. Just about every one of our internal systems relies on it to function properly. Everything from headaches to asthma to arthritis can be controlled with proper hydration. Whole home water filtration systems ensure that all the water we use each day is clean and pure. No other option can offer complete coverage for every sink and shower in your home with one easy installation, providing pure water throughout your house.

While bottled water looks like an attractive choice, there are actually no government standards regulating its production, so most bottled H2O is no cleaner than ordinary tap water. And no matter how thorough your local water company may claim to be, most ordinary tap water is laced with thousands of minerals and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Only whole house water filtration systems can completely remove toxins from your water while leaving behind minerals like calcium and magnesium which we need. You can find a great selection of whole house systems at

And as important as your drinking water is, it is even more important to be sure that the water in your shower is as clean as possible. A whole home water filtration system will ensure that you are showering in purified water, free of excess chlorine which can not only dry out hair and skin but also drastically affect the respiratory system. You want to be sure that when your family uses the shower, they aren’t washing their health down the drain.

Whole house water filtration systems are available from several manufacturers, either through your local home improvement store or directly through the manufacturers’ websites. Before buying a system, you’ll want to consider all the options and make sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. While many different filtration techniques are used, a multi-stage system which uses a carbon filter will generally give you the best results for your money.

When choosing a system for your home, being an educated consumer will give you the best advantage. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s information for each product, paying particular attention to the Performance Data Sheet, which should give you a clear idea of just which contaminants a particular product addresses and how thoroughly it eliminates them. Whole home water filtration systems are the best insurance you can give your family when it comes to good health, so you want to be sure to choose wisely.

Another important guideline is state regulation. California has some of the strictest water regulations in the country, so any product with California Certification is sure to do an excellent job. When it comes to buying whole house water filtration systems, the more documentation the better. You want to be sure to get a product that not only does a thorough job, but gives you the most quality for your money.

Protecting your family is important to you, and that protection starts at home. You want to know that every time you turn on the tap or step into the shower, your water is as clean as possible. Long life and good health are as close as your taps. Home water filters can help your water help you.